I am fat. Anyone over a size 12 is fat, if you listen to the haters out there.

Fat is the new sub-culture to be oppressed. Of course, being attacked for being fat is not a new thing, it’s just become the new frontier for small-minded, nasty people to spew their awful insecure, ignorant hatred at. Take the latest inexcusable vileness being directed at the stunningly beautiful Chrissie Swan and her gorgeous, happy, family. She’s not the first person to fall prey to the small-minded, yet vocal, minority. And unfortunately she will not be the last. The attacks on her have angered many people, take this fab post by my friend Woogsworld.

You see if you’re overweight, you are immediately a bad role model. You are a bad parent. You are a walking diabetic, heart attack. It is assumed you never exercise, nor do you eat healthy food or manage your stress levels. It is assumed you hate yourself and have no self esteem. If you’re overweight, you don’t live adventurous, fun, fulfilled lives full of love. You are nothing, but the flab on your belly. You are just fat. For many of us fatties, there’s nothing further from the truth.

It’s become accepted among people to comment openly about other people’s weight because we’ve been told time and time again that fat people are a drain on the tax system. Us fat people take valuable resources from the skinny elite. And because we cost people money, we are fair game. People on forums, in offices, on buses, at the school gate, on television, in news segments, online, at coffee shops and shopping centres have the right to pass judgment on us because of the size of our arse. We deserve it.

We are so fat we shouldn’t be allowed to fly in planes or ride on buses. We should have timed lunch breaks because, let’s face it, we eat so much more, we take way longer than other “normal” people. It’s time we were all sent to live on Fat Island.

I mean you have looked in the mirror lately haven’t you? You have taken a good hard look at your fat self haven’t you? Because it’s fat people like us that shame our country. We are a blight on the nation’s reputation. We walk around thinking we have equal rights as other people, but we don’t deserve to because we are too fat to deserve anything. We should just sit at home eating ice cream from the tub and smell our own fatness. Fat people smell too, did you know that? I read it in the comments of a news story. I unsubscribed to the news service, it angered me so much.

Hello comment moderators, you have a responsibility to condone hatred, but you don’t because it’s good for traffic to incite ignorance. Hello, mainstream media you bang on about bullying and a responsibility to fair and honest reporting – where is your responsibility to your readers? When will you start deleting hateful coments. There is no place for them. When will news organisations step in and play a pivotal role in stamping out online bullying?

This nastiness, this awful hatred, this vile judgement has GOT TO STOP.

I am fat, but I’ve still got a heart and watching this hurtful campaign against people is breaking it into many little pieces. It’s time we all took a stand against it.

bigwords x