This is my Xmas Wish List.

I’m pretty sure I won’t get all of them, ¬†just one will do, and I’m completely fine with that. I like the looking part the best anyway. In fact, I find that when I don’t have the money to buy all of the things, I can easily come up with a whole range of cool gift ideas for myself. I can walk around with a gift voucher burning my pocket for months with no ideas what to get with it, but as soon as I don’t have any cash it’s a different story completely.

Anyway it seems I’ve got heaps of ideas of what I’d like for Xmas which means money must be tight. Actually, it’s not that bad, it’s just got other uses like helping Santa out with gifts for the girls and putting some aside for an upcoming trip away.

Happy gift buying everyone and I hope you find a little something for yourself this Xmas that brings a sparkle to your heart. These are mine:


The Novogratz Disco gnome


Novogratz Disco Gnome is shiny and could live alongside our other gnomes. Perfect addition to our family.

WOMADelaide ticket 


I don’t want to go for the whole of Womad, I just really want to see Billy Bragg, Arrested Development, Washington and the Brown Hornet.


This clutch from Elk


I am a sucker for a bag, particularly Elk ones. Le Sigh.

Uberfine necklace


I love Uberkate’s new Uberfine range. I’d put my charms on a long chain or thin coloured leather/string. Yes, I would.

Frock Me Out Kimono


I’ve been searching for a kimono for ages and was super excited to see a Mum from school had now added them to her gorgeous Frock Me Out range of clothing. I want one.

These super rad rollerskates


Since I started (roller) Skate Fit I’ve longed for a pair of my own skates. I’d love hybrid wheels so I could skate indoors and out. I’d also need knee and wrist pads and a helmet. I’m a size 8 if anyone wants to send me some! LOL


What’s on your fantasy Xmas list?

bigwords x