It’s become a tradition for our family to take the worst Xmas photo ever. We’ve been doing it for a number of years now. We worked out early on that our children were not that keen on Santa being in our family photo. Our middle child would not even face the camera. So to compensate we started to purposely take bad Xmas photos. Generally, we don’t have to do much because the kids do most of the work. This post I wrote last year has all the previous year’s photos and trust me it’s super rad.

Here’s last two years’ photos.


I flipped a sneaky bird. I was on the naughty list.


Santa rocked this one for us.

This year Twiggy really wanted to wear his “so awful it’s sort of cool” In-N-Out burger shirt. You see he fell in love with the US burger chain when we were in California and now he thinks it’s hilarious to buy novelty items. It’s a little sad really. So, this year’s photo is all about his shirt and his love of American burgers. As you can tell our eldest child wasn’t that keen to be in the photo – “It’s embarrassing”, our middle child faced the camera so that was awesome, except the look on her face is priceless and the youngest was just happy to be near Santa. Obviously, I am looking my very best, NOT.

So here it is – the Worst Xmas Photo Ever.


 WE LOVE IT! Full of Xmas cheer.

Have you got any funny family photos?

Bianca x