Happy International Women’s Day to all the amazing, hard working, dedicated, selfless, sexy, smart, creative, sporty, business-savvy, genius, kind, funny, gutsy, skinny, fat, in-between, excellent cooks, excellent fish finger preheaters, driven, strong, confident, fragile, never forgotten, ever-present, supportive and sassy women I know! 

If recognising today helps shine a spotlight –

on the continuing disparity between men and women’s pay levels, differing working conditions, access to paid leave regardless of sex to look after babies, better childcare, tougher penalties for assault and protection for victims of domestic violence, the eradication of poverty, the unlawfulness of female genital mutilation, more support for mental health care, access to clean drinking water and education, more places on boards and in the upper echelons of politics and business, news stories focussing on a leader’s fucking haircut and not her policies, how crap the term “mummy” anything is, government-funded superannuation for stay-at-home Mums, less pink, gender specific Lego, freeing up our borders for refugees and equal love for all. 

– then that’s a brilliant start.

There’s a lot more needed before women and men can truly stand as equals. Feminism is not a antiquated ideology. Here’s to the women and the men who continue to pull down the barriers and chip away at the glass ceilings.

And here’s to the next generation who can dream bigger thanks to all the women before us. 

Happy International Women’s Day

bigwords x