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Last week I was going on about how I’d lost six kilos. Go me. This week – nothing. I lost nothing, except some willpower. I definitely lost that. Moral of the story – don’t count your chickens.

But you know what, I’ve learned from past experience not to be hard on myself as that will only lead to defeat. And I don’t want to let myself down. Instead, I’m going to celebrate not putting any weight on. I’m also going to remind myself of the awesome things I did.

Here’s a couple:

1) I swam six laps of my local Olympic-sized pool. Aside from swimming lessons as a kid, I have never swum laps. I had no idea of the etiquette, but luckily for half the time there was no-one else in my lane. It was really hard. I swam a couple of laps side stroke, a couple breaststroke and the other two a combination of back stroke and freestyle. At one stage, I passed a woman in my lane and spluttered: ” I think they need an extra slow lane for me” and she replied: “No way, just have fun”. She was so right. Just have fun is my new mantra for exercise. If I start to hate something, then I need to find another exercise. The point is getting your body moving. If you find an activity you love, you won’t feel like it’s chore.

2) I went on some lovely local walks. I did some exercises at home in the ad breaks of My Restaurant Rules and I did the Nutbush on roller-skates. Overall, I moved my body more over the week.

3) I gave myself a break. Drank wine in the backyard, ate pizza late at night, saw a show at The Fringe and I drunk one of these –

1960027_10152359952358013_1508859205_nYes, that is a Haigh’s Chocolate cocktail from the Hilton. It was my dessert of choice.

The reality is – I ate too many treats, let my resolve be broken and I dunk too much. As a result, I had crappy sleeps, feel bloated and am lethargic. One week of not sticking to my healthy lifestyle has really impacted on me. I see this as a positive, as it made me aware of just how crap I felt when I lived like this all of the time. I actually like feeling alert, awake and not sluggish. I actually crave better choices. Strange, but true.

So, it’s back to the straight and narrow for me. I have a job to do and that’s to lose more weight, get physically stronger and get my bright eyes back.

How are you traveling?

bigwords x