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A supportive friend of mine told me how he would collect four bean mix cans to provide visual context of how much weight he’d lost. It provided him motivation when questioning if his hard work was paying off. I totally get that. Numbers on the scale start to mean little. You forget how much one kilo actually is.

The past week has been of minimal weight loss. It’s been a week that I ate cake for lunch for two days in a row and had two nights where wine was my main meal for dinner. I was feeling a little down on myself and a little bored of the whole healthy eating lifestyle. I gave in to the temptations. To be honest, it was fucking fantastic at the time, but by the end of the week I was feeling bloated and tired.

So this morning when I stepped on the scales and saw 88.9 kilos, I had a mixture of relief for finally making it under 89, but also disappointment in myself for not putting everything into it this week.

Then I remembered the four bean mix and thought it time I reminded myself how far I’ve gone. I didn’t have them in the cupboard, but here’s a visual representation of my weight loss so far.


If you’re on a similar path to me, then give it a go. It’ll give you a sense of pride, in what is essentially a boring process. ┬áCounting calories and always making the right choices is so lame, when all you want to do is be reckless and spontaneous, but it’s worth it.

Then next six kilos will be hard work, I know it. Every kilo is hard work. But I am excited to get started on reaching my next goal of getting under 85 kilos. It’s these next kilos that will start to show changes on my body. People will start noticing I’ve lost weight. My clothes will start to fit better. I will feel healthier. I’m really pumped.

And when I reach that goal, I’ll set another one. Step-by-step.

Thanks for sticking by me while I share my weekly diary with you, I’m loving your emails and messages of support. Keep them coming – I love hearing your stories. We can do this!

Last week was a bit of a plodder too – you can read about it here.

bigwords x