This week has been all about trying to do all of the things. I’ve been finishing off freelance work commitments, buying clothes suitable for an office environment, spending quality one-on-one time with my kids and husband. And I’ve been trying to squeeze in some quality time for myself. I went to the movies alone which I adore. I’ve walked leisurely around department stores. Had naps. I purchased a little back to work gift for myself.

photo-21Next week I have a massage and pedicure planned, a lunch with Twiggy, a couple of Fringe shows and then on Wednesday I start my new job. I am trying not to think about it. As soon as I do, I get nervous. I’ve already started my usual routine when I get a little anxious. I’ve started cleaning everything. I’ve started writing lists and I’ve been doing a lot of laying in bed imagining ever single possible outcome of all of the things. I like to pre-plan. I also like to pre-worry and pre-catastrophise. It really is a waste of my energy, but when the actual events occur I feel prepared for anything.

As a result, I am feeling quite tired and a little on edge. I am doing all I can to create times to just chill out. And I’m also reminding myself that everything will be completely fine and I’m worrying for no reason. I try and flip my concerns on their head and instead focus on all of the exciting things to look forward to. The challenges ahead are actually pretty cool and I’m ready to get started.

So, for the next couple ofย days, I will just continue on my merry way of over thinking everything and in amongst the nervousness take the time to relax. Our world’s about to get a different sort of busy. And we are all ready for the ride.

How’s your week looking? Are you an over planner too?

Bianca x