I write today with a heavy heart. A beautiful, kind woman gone too soon to that insidious disease depression. Many people are hurting and to them I send my love.


It’s been a wobbly week for me. I’ve had much joy. I celebrated nine years married to my love Twiggy. I’ve caught up with dear friends and watched our children forge friendships. I wrote about the good things about getting healthier. I saw numbers on the scales which gave me encouragement. I feel like I’m making progress towards changing stubborn habits. I have a long way to go, but every little step helps.


The past week has also been one of such despair in the news. A child killed by his father. A young life struck down by a tree while playing at school. A little girl lost to asthma, one to the common cold. Children fleeing war. A young man dead when all he wanted to do was escape a country of fear. Every day my heart aches at the inexplicable unfairness of fate. I’ve been feeling the weight of sadness. Then Charlotte Dawson.

I spent last night sipping red wine, thinking about her and my friends who are struggling with shock and deep grief. She was such a kind woman to me and so many others. She was many more things as well, but I’ll leave that to her closest friends and family. She’ll be missed greatly.

Life twists and turns. Sometimes you need to take a step back and gather those around you close. Preserve each others’ souls. Reach out to those you love. Regroup. Know you are loved. Be kinder.

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Today the world is a vivid splash of colour.

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