Twiggy and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary during the week and it was super special. My husband was one of the most romantic people I’d ever met and it was one of his most alluring characteristics.

When we were first dating I arrived home to my flat to find a beautiful pot plant on my doorstep in it was a little handwritten sign that said “Feed me”. Nothing else, just a simple living gift. When we had our first proper date he asked me by internal mail. Yes, we worked at the same newspaper. When I opened the envelope inside was a cut out paper flower holding a little sign that read: “Dinner?” I remember being at work one day and saying to myself that if Twiggy was in the lift I was about to get into that we were destined to be together. He was in the lift. And the rest is history.

We were engaged five years after meeting. Twiggy whisked me away bushwalking and while we walked he proposed. We stopped and drank a mini bottle of Moet he’d been carrying in his backpack. Little did I know that he’d walked the same path only weeks prior and had decided on the exact spot he would propose.  My boss had been clued in and Twiggy and sneakily packed a bag for me, which he’d hidden in the car. We spent the next two nights at Daylesford where Twiggy had organised flowers, massages and an amazing meal at the Lakehouse. It was one of the most amazing weekends of my life.

Fast forward 10 years and to be fair after having three kids and juggling life, work, a mortgage and renovating it leaves little time for romance. Yet Twiggy outdid himself yet again. He cooked the same meal we ate at our wedding, found our wedding video (which we watched with the kids), popped on the exact same playlist from our wedding and we exchanged gifts. He gave me two amazing prints of photographs he’d taken on our holiday in California, Haighs truffles, flowers and some beautiful earrings.


I gave him 10 gifts representing 10 reasons I love him. These included a framed collection of photographs of us and our kids, some super cool shot glasses to take bushwalking, a word search book, bbq branding tool, hamburger book and 10 tins of rice cream (tin representing 10 years). I also commissioned my gorgeous friend Cat to stitch one of Hazel’s drawings for us. We adore it.


And then the next day he surprised me again. This time we had an awesome date night topped off with a night at a hotel. It was awesome. Next weekend we are flying to Melbourne, kid-free, to see the Foo Fighters. It’s the anniversary that keeps on giving.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the everyday and forget doing nice things for each other. In the stress of life, we often overlook romance. It doesn’t need to cost a lot of money. Simply doing something small to show the person you love that they mean something to you is most important. It’s about reconnecting with each other. Noticing them, acknowledging their importance in your life. A cup of tea in bed or some handpicked flowers or making their favourite meal or writing them a love letter or holding their hand – these things matter. They matter a lot.

We often read of loveless marriages, of people going outside their marriage for attention or feeling immense loneliness or under-appreciation, of losing touch with each other. Even saying I love you or kissing goodnight is pushed aside. I wonder how many of these problems could be dealt with by communication and making time for each other. Simple things means a whole lot more than you think.

Take the time to simply hug your partner, look them in eye and tell them how much they mean to you.

I have felt very loved this week. I always do, but there was something extra special about this anniversary.

This card I gave Twiggy says it all.


When was the last time you told someone you love them?

Bianca x