A big part of trying to change your health is your mind set. Setting goals and sticking to them. Keeping your head up and your heart strong when you fail over and over again. Looking for the light when your blinkers shield you from finding your way. It’s about delving into your soul and questioning why you keep getting lost, despite knowing where you want to go. It’s about getting back up, when you stumble at the same spot, on the same path you’ve travelled, many times before.

I’m like a goldfish swimming in a round bowl, each year the bowl gets bigger and I have further to swim. Every few seconds I make a commitment to myself and then I forget again. Don’t overfeed a freaking gold fish.

To change your health and lifestyle takes a lot of hard work, both physical and mental, it also takes dreams. You need to truly believe you can do it. You have to dream it and believe in yourself. Every year it gets a little harder to believe in dreams, no matter how hard you try. When you were a kid you were full of them.

Yesterday, my eldest girl turned 8 and a group of her girlfriends had a sleepover at our house. I watched them smile and run and laugh and interact with each other with such purity. They have a world of dreams ahead of them. They have such a strong sense of self, yet are starting to doubt in themselves. You can see their uncertainty start to twist in their words and their eyes searching for acceptance and connection. I wanted to tell them not to let insecurities start to cloud their vision. I wanted to sit them all down and tell them they are wonderful just the way they are and that all people want is to be loved and heard. To value all of their differences and not try to be the same as each other. I wanted to tell them that the road ahead doesn’t need to be a tricky one to navigate, but I didn’t, because that would be a lie. They have a roller coaster to ride and they need to strap themselves in. Luckily, they are much loved, strong, smart, savvy, funny, inquisitive, beautiful, soul-filled girls who will  grow into amazing women.

I didn’t preach to them about self love, instead I gave them all a dream catcher. Dreams give you focus and hope. I want them to catch all their dreams and never forget what they want out of life. I want them to always believe in dreams.

I think I need to get one for myself. I seem to be drifting further away from mine. I need a sign that reads: DO NOT FEED THE FISH.

Do you have a dream that keeps slipping away from you?

Bianca xx