This week was about finding joy. I was feeling pretty shitty this time last week and I still do every time I try and squeeze my clothes on, but I’ve started making some positives changes which will ultimately help. I took on some of your advice – I decided to be kinder to myself and look for the joy. If I took the other path, I would have dug myself into a self loathing, miserable hole. I decided to pull myself up and get on with life, because far out how lucky are we to be walking this Earth. Joy is within everyone’s reach – you just have to grab it, nurture it and protect it.

So, I did a few things which make me burst with happiness. We went for a day trip to the Barossa Valley, went for a swim, had a milkshake and watched the stunning scenery float by us.

photo 1

photo 2

On another day, Twiggy and I went for a 10 km ride along the beach. My bum was sore, my legs were sore, but far out my heart was full. There’s something about watching waves which makes me feel content, much like cuddles from my girls.

photo 5

photo 4

And to top off my week I took myself to the movies. I really enjoy going to the cinema solo. I grabbed a choc top and some popcorn and lost myself for a couple of hours. I couldn’t have chosen a more awesome film to watch – Wild.


I left the movie feeling stronger and more determined to follow my own path. I went home and immediately downloaded all of Cheryl Strayed’s books.

As I ‘ve written here before my favourite thing to say to my girls is “find your joy”, yet often I forget to take my own advice. I think the more authentic your joy, the easier it is to tackle the niggling doubts and the lurking demons.

“Don’t surrender all your joy for an idea you used to have about yourself that isn’t true anymore.”

Cheryl Strayed

It’s another sunshiny day so I’m off to find my joy.

What makes you joyful?

Bianca x