I keep telling myself I’ll start back on my healthy regime… next week. There’s always something. Holidays, a dinner party, a birthday – you know, events that I don’t want to be bound by restrictions. I want to enjoy all of the things with reckless abandon.

The reality is there’s never going to be a good time to start, I’ll always have things I’m looking forward to. I need to work out ways to navigate them, while maintaining a good diet and regular exercise. I need to work out ways to treat myself while still being good to myself.

I can not keep waiting until next week. The right time will never come.

Last week, I talked about how lazy I am at the moment, but to be fair I’ve been lazy for months. I’ve been using “fun” as my excuse for not watching my food and alcohol intake. And it’s the “fun” that’s been stopping me from getting on my bike for a ride or heading out the door for a walk. I’ve also been using “busy” as another excuse. I’m just kidding myself. No matter how busy you are you should be able to find 30 minutes to exercise and know that chocolate for breakfast is not a good idea.

I need to get real and stop waiting for the right moment. I need to just start right now.

I think I’ll do that… next week.

How about you? What are you waiting for?

Bianca x