Hands up in the air if you just don’t care. OK, just one hand if you can’t be bothered lifting both of them. I certainly can’t. I’ve hit that point in the festive season where I’ve overindulged so much that I am starting to crave a salad. I’ve started counting down the days until I can get back into a routine again, yet at the same time I have a sense of urgency to eat and drink all of the things before crunch time. I’ve eaten so much that I can rest my plate of chips on my belly.

However, no matter how much I’ve started desiring healthy meals, I have no motivation to actually make them. I also have no energy to get off the couch and exercise. I was exercising regularly, yet now I feel like I’m back at square one again. That first big walk or ride is going to be tough, mainly because I’ll be talking myself out of it every step of the way.

Anyone else feeling sluggish and lazy? Anyone else stuck on the couch?

I’m thinking I might just start out with 10 minute bursts, to just get myself out of the door again. I wonder if that’ll work? The weather hasn’t helped either – one day it’s 44 degrees, the next there’s torrential rain. To commiserate I’ve been drinking wine and eating pizza. This does not work to reduce my belly shelf. Instead I’m constructing an entire bookshelf to carry multiple items at once.

Anyone else balancing food on their bellies while watching crappy tv?

How do you plan on getting back into the swing of things again? Help!

Bianca x