Every second year we have Christmas Day with my mum and her partner. In the alternate years we a catch up prior to Xmas with my family and then go away, just the five of us. This year we went to the Gramipans.  Instead of staying in a hotel we decided to take Audrey the caravan, I mean she is part of our family. We weren’t sure how it would go as, despite having been to the Grampians many times, we’d never stayed at the Halls Gap Caravan Park. We shouldn’t have worried as it was one of the best caravan parks we’ve stayed in – the site, the views, the personalised service, the facilities – everything about it was awesome. And we’d also never attempted Christmas in a caravan either. Logistically speaking, letting Santa know how to deliver the presents and cooking a yummy meal can be tricky, but we did it. Four days away was exactly what we all needed and it all went perfectly to plan.

Here’s some pics of our day.



Last week’s post was about giving (in more ways than one as for some extra lucky people my post redirected them to a porn site – I’m still working on that problem unfortunately). This week’s post was about getting. Getting time to recharge. Getting the quiet we all needed. Getting extra snuggles and laughs. Getting the chance to create memories together and have adventures.

I hope your Christmas was a happy time for you. And if it wasn’t, I really hope you find the peace you need. And if you don’t celebrate Xmas, I hope you got to enjoy a lovely day off to relax.

What did you get up to?

Bianca x