Here I am at Wobbly Week 49 and I have definitely reached my maximum level of meeting the needs of others and am very much looking forward to taking some time out to just chill and let the masses fend for themselves. School’s out and the kid’s have well and truly settled into into holidays, asking for food repeatedly from sun up to sun down. I’d like to say work is winding down, but gratefully it isn’t. Yet we can afford to put a halt on scrambling around and just stop or a bit. And to be honest the past week has been an emotionally draining time. The world has been so very awful.

So although exhausted and ready to sit still for days, this morning was a little different, Twiggy and I were well and truly charged up for doing some good. OK, I was charged up, Twiggy was running on a Buck’s Night martini induced hangover, which was not helped by our fire alarm going off intermittently from about 6.20am. Oh, the cruelty.

Anyway, we headed off early to the local show grounds where the well-oiled machine that is the Smith Family Christmas present delivery team was busy loading up cars with presents for volunteers to deliver to families all over Adelaide. It was our second time as delivery drivers and we knew the drill.


IMG_6220IMG_6223IMG_6226IMG_6228And then when all the presents had been dropped off and the memory of the kids squeals and their parent’s smiles were tucked firmly in our heart, we drove down the coast, back home.


And waiting for us at home was our family for an early Xmas lunch, not to forget my Mum’s most super delicious trifle. The recipe is here.







Giving back is a truly wonderful experience, so too is spending time with family and eating Mum’s trifle.

Bianca x