This week was one of the longest weeks ever, but we did it. The last week of school before school holidays begin is always a hard one. Everyone is so tired and emotional. So many loose ends. So much work. So many secret squirrel Xmas things to get sorted before the kids were back in the house every day. Gosh we put a lot of pressure on ourselves.

It turns out this week will be equally manic, what with Twiggy wrapped up for most of the time working on a big contract for a winery. This is good, in fact it’s great. He gets to do what he loves, walking around vineyards, chasing the nice light. The client gets his amazing photographs. I, on the other hand, get to wrangle three kids and attempt to finish off some more freelance writing stories before I take at least one week off to recharge. I am determined to take a little break over Christmas. We all need it. And you all know how much I love summer holidays.

While I plan on hooking my kids up to their iDevices this week so I can finish off my work, I’m also keen to pepper their week with some fun activities – catch ups with their friends, movies and perhaps we’ll brave the bowling centre.

And of course we need to see some Christmas lights and get our annual awkward Santa family photo done. We like to have a theme to make it especially awkward. This year’s is a beauty. Can’t wait to show you all.

At least we don’t have to contend with school runs, lunch boxes and early mornings. I am most looking forward to us jumping in Audrey the caravan soon and retreating from the world. A vision of me sitting in a deck chair, sipping an icy cold beer while the kids play, is keeping me going. Not long now.

How’s your week been? What’s this week got in store for you?

Bianca x