Following on from last week’s Wobbly post about friendship, I traveled to Melbourne and hung out with a bunch of special mates at a cocktail party. I had four hundred champagnes. Slept in a hotel room with crisp white sheets. Went to the art gallery, met friends for coffee, had lunch overlooking Federation Square, went to my favourite Hare Krishna restaurant for a lazy lunch, shopped at H&M, had my hair done, ate gelato and didn’t have to share it with my kids and basically I recharged. I even had a nap.



And because of all that relaxing I completely forgot to write my Wobbly post for this week and now it’s Monday night and I’ve just sat through the third and final school Xmas concert and I’m exhausted. The kids are exhausted and our house has been renamed Meltdown City.

So a big whoops from me. This is not what top bloggers do, forget to write blog posts, but I suppose that’s why I’m not a top blogger. I’m just me, muddling along forgetting shit.

Thanks for all the messages of support over the past few days – I didn’t win anything, but I sure felt like a winner on the night. I had a ball and got to spend time with some of my favourite people.


Now I must go and collapse in a heap on the couch. Next week I won’t forget to write my blog post – I promise.

Thanks for being so rad everyone,

Bianca x