It’s a funny old saying often used in blogging circles. “I can’t wait to see you in real life,” says one blogger to another. It’s always said in sincerity. But you know what? Online interaction is real life. Some of my strongest friendships have started online. I might only get to see them once or twice a year and in some cases I’ve never met them face to face, but we ‘get’ each other.

I met one of these women on Friday. Lana and I have worked together, read each other’s blogs and chatted with each other many, many times, but it wasn’t until Friday that I heard her speak. And what a lovely voice she has. It’s such a strange thing to know people, but not know how they sound or what their mannerisms are. I feel I know her a little better now, just because I’ll be able to imagine her energy as I read her words. To sit with her and Kerri and Catherine and talk over the top of each other for a couple of hours was super fun. Our Sydney catch-up followed on from a fab blogging event where got to see some awesome bloggers. Luckily I got to have a surprise cuddle with my mate Mrs Woog and I got to hang out with some of my favourite blogging buddies – Kim-Marie and Danielle.


I look quite fresh in this photo, but man I was tired and a little lost for intelligent conversation so apologies to others I saw and perhaps even talked to as I was in vague city. I might have even looked a little lost standing in corners staring into space, I wasn’t being rude, I was just sleeping standing up with my eyes open. Red eye flights will do that to a person. If we did chat on Friday (or missed each other entirely) and you happen upon this blog post can you please leave a comment with a link to your blog so I can come and say hi, now that I’m awake.

Of course I documented my day, like all over sharers good bloggers do.

Here’s the obligatory feet shot.


This was followed by a huge number of selfies, including this one, with my mate Catherine. Oh and while I’m talking about her – to the person who stole her iPad – you are an asshole.


And there was even a “what I’m wearing taken in a lift” photo.


And a trip interstate wouldn’t be complete without a food shot.


To be fair I didn’t get my phone or camera out that much as I was too busy talking with new friends, old friends and taxi drivers (I spent a lot of time in taxis).  A dinner in Surry Hills with a dear friend topped off what was a fab night away. Aside from when the wind blew and our eyeballs were attacked by flowing debris, nothing a bottle of Italian Pinot Grigio couldn’t fix though.

When you work from home and you spend much of your time navigating the online world, catching up with people who you “work” with is so important. That sense of connection become so much stronger. Your self doubt that what you’re doing doesn’t mean anything, slips away. You get to hug people who visit your blog and share their thoughts and hopes and fears with you. You see them right there and you get to look them in the eye and hear the sound of their voice. It’s strengthens you and gives you more reasons to write. And as writing is not just my livelihood it’s my therapy, it gives me validation.

This Wobbly path is about body and mind. I continued exercising last week – I walked, I rode my bike and I finally got back on my roller skates again.


I’m feeling better each day. This sunny warm weather and the light mornings and evenings does help. It’s like I’m coming out of my cocoon again. And with that comes better health. Ok, I did make the most amazing chocolate cake for dinner one night, but joy is important and so too is unpredictability.


I’ve got also got a renewed feeling of light heartedness. Connecting with others is so very important to help boost your energy levels and helps remind you that no matter how different you are, you essentially have so much in common with other. Sharing stories. Listening to each other speak, not just through their words, but also the sound of their voice, is a wonderful and important moment to seek out. It truly is a lovely thing to do.

For realz, it’s amazeballs.

Bianca x