I’ve made a bit of headway into exercising again. I’m trying to keep it casual and not put too much pressure on myself. I’m also determined to mix it up, so I don’t get bored. Last week, was about dancing and this week I had a triathlon in my sights.

I got my bike out again, for the first in months, and went for a ride. I love the feeling I get when riding my bike. Like a kid – free.

photo-26Then on another day we took the kids to the local pool. It was a stinking hot day and a surprise after-school trip to the pool is always a cool thing to do. I took the opportunity to swim some laps. To be honest, I am not much of a swimmer, I probably should take lessons to get my breathing and stroke sorted out. It is much harder than it looks when you see people gliding up and down the pool. I sort of splash around awkwardly and gasp for air. I didn’t have much time, so I snuck in four laps. Next time I’ll do 6, maybe 8. It’s really kind on your body, swimming. And it’s so quiet under the water.


I’d like to say I ran on the other day of exercise, but instead it was a fast walk. I met my buddy Sonia. She is the publisher of the blog Sonia Styling. Luckily for me, she also lives around the corner and is great company. We met at 6.15am and walked for 45 minutes around our lovely neighbourhood. That time of morning is so delightful. I think we might have talked faster than we walked. We’ve decided to make a weekly thing. I’m already counting down the days.


So as you can see I am slowly, yet enthusiastically, embracing my return to exercise. Soon, I hope I’ll get back into the groove of not eating so much ice cream and potato chips. It’ll come. Bit by bit.

Did you get out moving this week? Love to hear your exercise stories.

Bianca x