danceYes, you read that right. I”ve decided to become a dance mum. None of my kids do dance and I would probably be one of the most uncoordinated women in the universe, but I”ve made a commitment to myself and as we all know I am awesome at keeping commitments. NOT.

Anyway, I”ve been racking my brain trying to work out a way to kick myself up my ample arse and get back into the swing of exercising again. My skinny jeans are getting tricky to pull over my thighs, not to mention my fat jeans actually fitting snugly around my belly area – which is saying something.

Twiggy has well and truly jumped back on the exercise wagon and is started to lose some weight. And nothing fuels me more than that. A little bit of healthy competition is always good for me. Except men just have to get off the couch to lose 5kilos. I”d have to run online casino 15 marathons to do that.

Anyway I”m thinking of maybe choosing 10 songs I love to groove to and dancing around to them. That way I could do it in my pjs and without having to wear shoes. I”ve got to get back into something – at least the girls will help me out.

Here”s a short demonstration video (there”s no music because of copyright issues which makes it even more ridiculous):

First things first – I need a new bra – stat. And OMG did you see how fast my bum wobbled in that and how quickly one of my kids scrambled from her “crazy mum”. And dudes, how freaking awesome is my dancing? To be very honest I taped that section and was exhausted, might have to work up to 10 songs.

Are you dance mums? Do you have a song you love to groove to? Can you actually dance?

I need some new dance moves. Ones that are good for my belly and butt. Have you got any suggestions?

Will you join me in a dance off soon? It would help me so much to see other people dancing. It would give me so much motivation to know I”m not the only one struggling to get back into shape. It really would. I need something really bad, I”m flailing. I”m happy, don”t get me wrong, but so out of shape again.

Is anyone out there? Am I the only one fighting this endless freaking weight loss battle that never ends? Am I the only one dancing in my lounge room for strangers desperately hoping it will motivate me to get moving again?

I need help.

Bianca x