For the past week my family and I have been in absolutely stunning Broome. It was the last of our “free” – we paid for parts of it – holidays as the Escape Travel Family Reviewer. We’ve been so lucky. First, Palm Cove. Second, California. And third, Broome. We couldn’t have visited all of those places if I hadn’t won this amazing prize. Escape Travel have also been a fabulous team to work with. As a condition of the prize we’ve provided them with blog posts, magazine articles, videos and photographs. It’s been an awesome experience.

There is nothing better for the soul than a holiday, particularly to a place as beautiful as Broome. I’ll write more about Broome as a destination down the track, but for now here’s just a few pics.


IMG_4876 (2)IMG_4932


Travel for me is like a recharge to my soul. It speaks directly to my heart, reawakens my creativity and fills my body up to the brim with love again. To spend this time with my family without the distraction of work is a gift. All of us just chilling out together – laughing, cuddling and experiencing adventures together. It’s simply the best.

I feel like the past month, although extremely busy with work, has also been packed with awesome times by myself, kid-free with my husband and also all together as a family. It’s a good place to be. Settled, happy and ready for all that life throws at us.

I am ready to get back into facing my health struggles again. Exercise more, eat less crap. Take time out to recharge. And most importantly find the happy in life. But in the meantime, I’m taking today to reflect on a holiday that made me so very happy that I wish I was still there.

What makes you happy?

Bianca x