design-9The longer I’m on this Wobbly journey the more I realise it’s about me learning to be kinder to myself, not my weight. Sure, I need to get healthier, that’s very important. However, I also need to stop hanging so much shit on myself. I am my own worst enemy. I should be my biggest supporter. In some ways I am and in others I am improving. When it comes to the way I look, I am a bitch. But you know what, I stacked on all the weight I lost at the beginning of this exercise. Normally, I’d be hating on myself. This time I am more forgiving. This time I’m making a point of reaffirming my love of myself, by concentrating on what makes me happiest.

This week my love Twiggy and I escaped. We took a red eye to Melbourne and spent two days there chilling out together – just the two of us (thanks Mum for looking after the kids). We used to live there and miss it terribly. We crammed in some of the things we miss most. I also made a point of spending time alone, reading my book in bed and napping. Awesome.

IMG_4650IMG_4769IMG_4654IMG_4711IMG_4765IMG_4763IMG_4761IMG_4760IMG_4747IMG_4768IMG_4767IMG_4766IMG_4751We had the most fab┬átime back in Melbourne – we did a heap of things we love. We went to Gopal’s Vegetarian Restaurant, had Pho on Victoria Road, walked along the Yarra, cruised Brunswick and Smith St, shopped in the city (*ahem* purchased a half price leather jacket at H&M), had the most amazing dinner at Guy Grossi’s Ombra Restaurant, drank cocktails in many little funky bars (Madame Brussels and Romeo Lane included), caught up with friends in Yarraville and Brunswick and simply had a ball.

We held hands. We laughed. We were us again.

It was perfect.

And then we went home and hugged our kids. And we were whole again.

This whole Wobbly journey is about being whole again.

Bianca x