food porn

The best way to sum up the past week is by the amazing creme brûlée tart in the picture above. It’s made at the Red Door Bakery, down the street from my house. We introduced them to Nikki from Styling You‘s husband when they stayed in Audrey the caravan. Those creme brûlée tarts are ford porn. Like all good porn, it’s best enjoyed in moderation.

It’s been a week of new friends, old friends, house guests, holidays, lazy days in the park, lots of work late at night, a new blog redesign and not much time for anything else, particularly #gutbusta sessions – like bike rides, walk/runs or skating (oh how I’ve missed roller skating). But there was lots of cake and cuddles.

It has been a week of joy.



OK, to be honest I did have a mini-sobbing session on the couch when my blog was down. It’s like having your creativity and livelihood taken away. You feel helpless and hopeless. It’s always stressful.

During the week I had the pleasure of introducing Styling You’s Nikki Parkinson at the Adelaide launch of her new book Unlock Your Style. I talked about her strength, determination, generosity, professionalism, commitment to her community and her role in helping change women’s lives. Her message to embrace your style regardless of your body shape or age is one which rings true. And I’m very proud of her for helping women feel more confident and happier. The 90 or so women who came to her launch certainly embraced their style and were beaming.

I love this quote from her book:

Whether you’re petite, athletic, curvy or anything in between, you are beautiful and you are real.


It was such an awesome night meeting lots of new and extra lovely people and getting to hang out with this bunch of Radelaide bloggers.


photo-21I’m looking forward to another week of school holidays here in Adelaide. Twiggy and I have even managed to wrangle a sneaky overnight trip to Melbourne – just the two of us. And soon the whole family will be heading to Broome for the last of our Escape Travel Family Reviewer gifted trips. So excited.

How’s your week shaping up?

Bianca x