So this week In a fit of frustration over my complete lack of willpower, resolve and determination, I posted a pic of my gut on Instagram and started a new hashtag – #gutbusta – that to this moment only I have used. I am a trailblazer. A lone trailblazer. Just me and my wobbly belly hanging out for the world to see. I am diving to whole new depths of fat shaming to try and motivate myself. I am now fat shaming myself! Go me.

Anyway, the few times that I actually stuck to the healthy regime, I posted images on Instagram with the hashtag – #gutbusta.




I chose not to Instagram the image of the Quarter Pounder nor the chips and gravy nor the wine, but hey I did go on a 20 minute jog/walk and I also walked into town one day. I ate my fair share of salads, but to be honest I sucked at sticking to my #gutbusta plan.

There’s always this week. Or next week. Or the week after.

Meanwhile, Twiggy’s been getting up every morning to run/walk and I’m very proud of him. We are both works in progress.

Here’s to another wobbly week of stagnation. Here’s to my first week of solo #gutbusta photo sharing. Perhaps you’ll join me with some of your own images of healthy choices you’ve made? You know, sort of like an inspirational, motivational exercise. Or time waster. Or simply to try and shame yourself into doing something. You see shame is what got me here in the first place, perhaps shame will also get me out this! I can only hope!

Hooray! Go us and go #gutbusta

Bianca x


Ps: I’m bigwordsblog on Instagram.