The sun is finally warm again. It’s not just fooling us with her rays. Birds dart about through the blossom filled trees. It’s green and lush. And with the change in seasons comes a renewed spring in my step. Winter cradled me in darkness. It whispered to me, you can’t do it. The cold enveloped my desire for change and posted it to depths where numbness takes over. My chilled heart took refuge in comfort food. My body went into hibernation.

But now the sun is warm again and the suburbs reawaken with hopefulness, I’m thawing out. I’m ready to take those steps towards change. I feel it in my bones. I’m anticipating the freedom that comes with successfully moving forward. I’m craving those simple moments of self achievement. Setting goals and reaching them, again. Getting out into the world and pushing my body along. In getting comfort from strength, not apple pies.

This week I’ll find out the results of the 24-hour blood pressure monitor I had to wear strapped to my body. I am nervous. This week I will also make a promise to myself to get moving again, soak up the warm rays, smell the crisp, clear air and to get started on my wobbly journey once again.

In 35 weeks, I’ve lost 10 kilos, then put 5 back on again. If you look at the numbers it really has been pretty pathetic. But when you look at me, it’s been positive. I’ve cut caffeine out of my diet, no longer add sugar to my drinks and am slowly cutting back on my salt intake. I’m also more committed to alcohol free days. I walk more and I’m trying to find moments in the days to be more mindful and meditate (in my own way). I feel calmer. I’m become more aware of myself and my needs.

I’m trying to make long lasting changes. Slowly, all these changes will add up and then more tweaks will be made and this, my friends, can only be seen as success. If I end this year lighter than when I began, it will be a good thing. If I end this year happier, calmer and more knowledgeable of my body, then that is definitely a win. There’s still a few months to go and it’s only in my best interest to start reintroducing the pathways which work to help me to feel healthier. It’s about a recommitment to myself.

Spring has definitely sprung and I’m leaping back into it.

What changes have you made this year, for the better? How do you see the next few months shaping up for you?

Bianca x