Sometimes you just have to stop everything and feed your soul. That would sum up my week. It started with whale watching at Hervey Bay, thanks to Events and Tourism Queensland, and ended with leftover gelato. The middle can only be summed up by saying there were two birthdays, a visit to the Royal Adelaide Show, an Open Night at the school and a surprise birthday dinner at the local French Restaurant.

It’s been jam-packed, so today I rest. Catch up and breath deeply. My soul has been well and truly fed. So too has my belly. Oh my gosh, I’ve eaten some great food over the past week – fresh scallops, prawns, banana split, cakes, a dagwood dog, pulled pork and donuts. It’s been a feast for all the senses, particularly my tastebuds.

Tomorrow it grinds to a screeching halt. Back at work. Commitments. A dirty house. And to top it all off, I’m being fitted with a blood pressure monitoring device which I’ll have strapped to my body for 24-hours. It terrifies me, this loss of control. This realisation that genetics have dealt me a cruel blow and soon blood pressure medication may become part of my daily routine.

I’ve been feeding my soul in anticipation of some cold hard facts. It’s time to get back into a dedicated weight loss, exercise and relaxation routine. It’s time to inject some routine into my world.

I have this insatiable desire to get things done.

It’s time – again. Sound familiar? I know I’m not alone in my see-saw approach to weight loss. It seems to be a common theme running through many people lives. It’s something I struggle with. The ups and downs. Each time it’s harder to drag myself out of the hole. Each time it seems I’ve got more to lose. This time it seems my health is staring me down. High blood pressure needs attention. Tablets might be my only option, which is fine. The alternatives of not getting it under control are unspeakable. I’ve cut back on caffeine and salt and fixed my roller skating shoulder injury with a big, fat needle, so I’m ready to exercise again. I feel ready, willing and able.

I really don’t have any more excuses. I’ve used them all.

What excuses are getting in your way? 

Bianca x