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Apologies to my Wobbly readers. I have just returned from one week away attending a professional blogging conference called Problogger, followed by a few days at Hervey Bay courtesy of Tourism and Events Queensland. It’s been a jam-packed time filled with lots of networking, learning new skills, reenergising, amazing experiences and laughter. So much laughter. I got to meet some of my readers in the flesh which is such a privilege, I made new friends and I had time to think about bigwords and where I want to go with this small blog of mine.

To be fair I also got a little wobblier, what with consuming my body weight in cocktails and nachos. I did mange to get a couple of lovely strolls along the beach though.

The time away from the hustle and bustle of regular life did also give me time to think. And when I think I start to question myself. The whole process raised a lot of questions for myself and this blog.

I’d love it and would be so grateful if you had the time to send me an email at biancawordley@hotmail.com or leave a comment telling me what you’d like to see more of on the blog. Here’s a few questions to help give you an idea of what’s on my mind.

Would you like me to continue writing the Wobbly series? 

Would you like me to write a weekly social commentary column?

Do you want tips or recipes or anything like that or do you get enough of that in other blogs you follow?

What sort or posts would you like to see more of – funny, serious, ranty, inspirational, raw, helpful?

Would you be interested in me posting links to articles I write for other publications?

Why do you read bigwords? What keeps you coming back? How could I improve? Do you think the blog itself is hard or easy to navigate and is it a reflection of me? Does the layout, colours and style need to be altered?

Would you like me to blog more? Post more/less of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram?

Would you like me to open up my blog for more guest posts? Should I re-introduce the It Takes A Village series?

How could I better meet the needs of you?

This gives you an idea of what’s been swirling around in my brain over the past few days. To be honest I’d like to grow this blog, connect with more people, but most importantly I want to deliver to you more of what you want.

To do that I need your help.

I know everyone’s busy, but if you do find a spare few minutes please send me some feedback to biancawordley@hotmail.com or simply in the comments section, if you prefer.


Thanks so much for sticking by bigwords and I can’t wait to get back into blogging more, now I’m home.

Have a super day,

Bianca x