goldfish-animal-mythsI started this Wobbly journey with small changes, some of them I still do. I no longer put sugar in my coffee or tea. I no longer have a glass of wine most nights. I’m trying to cut that back even more still, but I’m a work in progress. I do at least one exercise session a week whether it be skating, go for a long walk or a big ride. And now the weather’s turning, I’ve got back into walking to get the kids from school. But overall, because I’ve stopped doing all the other exercise – I was doing a big workout every other day, lifting weights and skating every week without fail – I’ve lost any muscle I’d slowly built up. In it’s place is big rolls of fat.

I was doing so well too. Then I went overseas and when I returned I suffered massive “missing holiday” withdrawals and “comfort” everything to try and regain that traveling¬†feeling.¬†I’m also a little like a goldfish. I forgot how much better I felt when I was exercising and eating well. I completely forgot.

I’ve started to remember and my body is getting that edgy feeling when I know I’m about to get back on the exercise bandwagon again. So, I’ve started to revisit some of my old Wobbly posts and jolt my memory, remind myself of how awesome I was feeling. I’m ready to get back into. My body needs to get moving again. It’s actually calling out for it.

This week I’ll jump back on my elliptical trainer again. I think I might have to give myself a 10-minute a day goal, plus a few stretches and weights. Then there’s skating on Wednesday. This week I will not get ready for it and then slide under my warm covers and read my book instead, like I did last week. To be fair I’d just completed three weeks of massive work commitments and was exhausted. It took my family at least 40 minutes to realise I hadn’t even left the house and was cuddled up reading my Kindle joyfully in bed alone. This week I will not do that. I will go skating. I love skating.

Anyway, this is the week I get back on the exercise track. I’ll also get back to watching my food intake, little by little I’ll get back into it again.

Because you know what they say about overfeeding goldfish….POP. Eeeeeeeek I don’t want that to happen.

Have a fab week everyone – and thanks for sticking around while I wobble all over the place.

And remember if you’re finding life tough, talk to someone. Anyone. You’re loved.

bigwords x