It’s been a week of reflection and self preservation. A time of great sadness. Insurmountable grief beamed into our lounge rooms, filling the airwaves and flashing up on screens. Newspapers splashed with tears. Families torn apart.

Weeks like these require pulling those you love tight. It demands of you an acute sense of life. Gratefulness. Insightfulness.

For us it involved freshly baked bread, bouillabaisse, crisp white wine and dance music peppering the silence with beats of joyfulness. For when the quiet came, the faces of victims would fill the gaps. The “what ifs” would run wild. The smiles of the children taken too soon forever etched in my memory. Wasteful loss of life, souls beaming bright, now gone. I wish that plane had landed and all those people had been met by loved ones, smiley hugs and lively discussions of journeys. Not left alone in fields.

It’s a wobbly world. Great highs, devastating lows. We all held on tight. We bunkered down.


Love and light to all those forever changed by the world’s events and those struggling with life and death closer to home.

bigwords x