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It’s like I do a few steps back, a couple to the side, another to the front, followed by a slide. It’s like a slow dance this weight loss caper. A very friggin’ slow dance.

This week could only be described as a shuffle. I was sick. I’ve had woman flu, which is worse than man flu because I suffer silently resenting everyone and then I blow, like a blabbering, snotty mess. Even when I do get a little respite, I spend the whole time thinking of the things I need to do. Going over the checklist in my head – shopping, check, washing, check, feature article, check, netball fees, check, whinge, check. Martyr city, man.

Anyway, I was sick and did no exercise. It’s the first week since I started that I haven’t done any exercise. No skating. No bike riding. No circuit in my backyard. No elliptical trainer. No walking. No sneaky push-ups when watching Real Housewives of New York. Nothing. I feel crappy for it, but would have felt worse if I did. But on the flip-side, I also feel quite proud of myself that I have actually exercised every week up until now. That’s pretty cool.

One thing I did do, is cut out most of my meat intake and instead ate a lot of yummy vegetarian food. So at least I kept up good food instead of resorting to quick fix meals. I think mainlining lemon and honey peppermint tea helped curbed any food hankerings.

So as I continue this unchoreographed dance of sorts, my technique improves, yet my ability to move forward with ease is not a strong point. I am very good however at the moonwalk or sideways shuffle. I am seven kilos off being considered obese and instead just being overweight. I need to shake this flu and learn to do forward flips. Fast. I’ve been stuck at this weight for weeks.

I need to keep looking for the rainbows Рlike this one I saw while doing school pick-up on Friday. Stop focussing on the fog and the dark clouds. Look for the colours streaming out of the sun. And then imagine myself doing a Grand Jet̩ right over the top of it.



One thing I am looking forward to though is doing Dry July – I think it’ll be the perfect time to kick it up a notch. Anyone else doing Dry July?

bigwords x

PS: I got myself a tattoo last week.


Anchor tattoo

This wee little anchor (and no it has nothing to do with a football team. I don’t care for football.) For me, it represents my family (my girls and Twiggy), they’re my anchor to home. I’ve been told it also represents hope which is lovely. And it’s a reminder of our recent travels to California. As long as I have my little family – we are home, no matter where in the world we travel. We are anchored in love.