Bike helmet and me

After feeling crappy, I got back on my bike this week. Like actually on my bike. On yer bike.

I haven’t ridden since before I had my kids. So this week Twiggy got my bike out of the shed, cleaned off the cobwebs, fixed the brakes and pumped up the tyres. I grabbed my cool new helmet I got for outdoor roller skating. I even considered putting on my knee, elbow and wrist pads. You know just in case I tipped right over. I didn’t.

I went for a quick spin. And aside from the little flies that flew into my mouth and up my nostrils, I had the best time. I had the same exhilarating feeling I get when I skate. It’s a feeling of freedom. The wind rushes through my hair. I smile.

I had such a good time, I then went for a ride each day for four days in a row.

One day Twiggy and I rode into the city and went to the markets to drink coffee and eat cake. Then we filled our baskets up with gnocchi, meatballs and fresh veggies and rode on home.




Goodies in a bike basket


Me and my bike

I was terrified riding on city streets. Each time a car drove past I squealed: “EEEEEEEEEK”. But the sense of accomplishment was well worth it.

I got back on my bike in more ways than simply riding this week. I well and truly reinstated my healthy living. I ditched my holiday ways and put a stop to my holiday blues eating. No booze during the week. Got back into exercising again. Ok, not 100 per cent. I skived on my roller skating class. Skating is my release, but this week I just needed some dodgy retail therapy. I needed to wander around in silence. So, that’s how I found myself wandering around Kmart wearing shapeless leggings and my slippers and socks. No-one noticed. In fact most people were wearing slippers and socks. It’s a strange place at night. Full of people looking for something, nothing of which you can find at a department store.

A few people told me to be kinder on myself, so that’s what I’ve done this week. I’ve got myself back on track, but I’ve also given myself a break. I’ve allowed myself moments to indulge my successes rather then feed my failures. And I’m feeling a whole lot better for it. Healthier and happier.

Bit-by-bit I’ll get back to my pre-holiday weight and then continue down to my next goal. I want to crack the 80 kilo mark this year. I’m taking it slow. It’s the best thing for my health. And for me.

This week I’m simply happy for getting back on my bike.

bigwords x