My name’s Bianca and I ate my way around California. For three weeks I lived on In-N- Out burgers, chocolate thick shakes, Trader Joe Chocolate Chip Cookies, beer, ranch dressing on everything, Starbucks’ Frappuccinos, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, chicken wings, ribs, burritos and everything else I could fit into my mouth. It was tremendously great fun. I don’t feel guilt at all. That’s what holidays are for. Eating and drinking and lazing around.

I DID NOT eat this, but....mmmm

I DID NOT eat this, but….mmmm

I did visit a number of gyms when we were traveling. I worked out in some cool places. I also found myself doing mini circuits in hotel rooms – push up, sit ups, crunches and the like. But overall, I slipped off the Wobbly wagon with a great big thud.

Rocking up to your Santa Barbara hotel to discover a Miss California beauty pageant on was motivation

Rocking up to your Santa Barbara hotel to discover a Miss California beauty pageant taking place, was motivation

The past week has also been a complete right off. Jet lag has plagued us. We’ve been waking at 4.30am most mornings and by lunchtime I’ve, on average, eaten five main meals. Nights have been characterised by wine and junk food as I wallow in post-holiday blues.

I have regained at least three kilos of the 10 I’d lost. My skin’s gone to shit. My grey hairs are abundant. And I’m bloated, cranky and tired. I;ve taken a few steps back.

Tomorrow’s another day and I’m jumping back on the Wobbly wagon. Again. I keep falling off, but what’s cool is I keep jumping back on. I have a lot of fab things to keep me motivated. I purchased my first pair of roller skates when in LA from the raddest dudes ever from LA Skate and I can’t wait to do some more outdoor skating.



I also have a trip planned to the Gold Coast later this year to attend the ProBlogger conference so I have my sights set on shifting a bit more weight before then. And to be honest, I’ve started to miss healthy foods and regular exercise. I know right? Who even am I?

Before I left I was feeling a lot less bloated, than I am now, and was so close to fitting into a pair of jeans I’ve had my sights set on for a while. I got my hair done by the gorgeous Bree of Highborn Hair and Beauty (if you live in Adelaide check out her Facebook Page and book in to see her. If you tell her I sent you, I’m sure she’ll make it extra special).

before hair

after hair

I was feeling awesome. New hair always does that. So too does exercise and good food. Now I’m feeling a little out of sorts. I need to undergo a bit of maintenance – hair refresher, waxing and a reboot of healthiness. Then WHAM I’ll be back on track.

My last post talked about making sure you are trying to lose weight for the right reasons. I know I am. I feel different this time. I’m more aware of myself, my failings, my triggers, my strengths. Time to put my holiday behind me and get to it.

Watch out world here I come.

bigwords x