As I head into Week 2 – here’s a wrap up of my first week.

I wrote my list of 21 things I wanted to achieve and although the support was mind blowing – one thing was clear – LADY WHY ARE YOU SO HARD ON YOURSELF? WHY SO MANY GOALS? Back off and remember how fabulous we all think you are and stop trying to be someone else. OK, I get that and I love you for your kindness, but I also challenge everyone, who thought that, to be honest with themselves – you have a list too. I bet you do. It won’t be the same as mine – but you’ve got one. If you don’t, then start writing now and see how many goals you get. And then narrow them down. Or better still focus on the ones that will make you happier and healthier and ditch the rest.

As a friend told me – wouldn’t it be awesome if we could see ourselves as others see us. 

I dealt with the multitude of reactions and outpourings of love in the way I know best – I drank a couple of glasses of wine and then made my husband make a huge tuna mornay which we then proceeded to eat for dinner, a night snack, breakfast and lunch the following day. When in a state of flux – eat. When happy – eat. When stressed – eat. I need to work on that!

In amongst the eating and drinking, pre-health kick (do you do that too?), I did spend some time looking for healthy recipes. I did write more, cuddle my girls more and I also went for a skate and learned how to do crossovers on the bends. It was a big moment for me. I adore skating. And I bravely approached some people for some writing opportunities. We have many bills to pay and not much cash flow. I need more work, it’s a simple as that. It stresses me having no cash and I eat accordingly. I’m going to try and swap that for walking instead. I even joined the Operation Move team to find some inspiration and support. At least if I lose a bit of weight I’ll be able to get some new clothes OUT OF MY WARDROBE which haven’t fitted me for ages. I call it “wardrobe shopping”. Luckily, I have about four different sizes sitting in there.

In fact the entire week was one of preparation. Getting my mind ready for change. Getting my world ready. Getting everything sorted before school starts is a big enough undertaking in itself. I’m not rushing in to something like I usually do. Anyway, I’ve decided to focus on a couple of things at a time. Take it slowly. I spent some of my week setting goals – more realistic ones.

So, as I head into week 2 of this new plan I am feeling pretty darn good. I’ve taken on everyone’s advice and I’ve broken my list down into smaller more manageable goals. If I know what I’m working towards it’ll make it easier to achieve.

1 – Move every day for at least 20 minutes.

2 – Cut sugar out of my tea/coffee.

3 – No booze during the week (this will change in February though as I’m doing FebFast).

4 – Try and wake up before my children, pour myself a hot water with lemon and spend it sitting quietly doing whatever I darn well want. And then drink a massive coffee without interruptions.

5 – Don’t be so hard on myself.

That’s it for now. Every few weeks I’ll reassess my objectives. It’s about a lifestyle change, forming better habits to be healthier. I’ll write again next week with an update. In the meantime, I’d love it if you come across any cool tips to either email them to me, post them up on the Bianca Wordley bigwords Facebook Page or on Instagram  or Twitter using the hashtag #wobbly. Tomorrow I’m going to take some measurements of my body to know my starting point. Maybe you could too?

Now my nemesis – staying motivated.

Have you narrowed your goals down? Have you got any ideas on how to achieve short term goals? How do you keep motivated?

bigwords x