Today is Easter or simply just Sunday. And for that reason I chill out. Today I will eat chocolate for breakfast, chocolate for lunch and chocolate for dinner. I will nap (hopefully). I will read my book (hopefully). And at some stage I will rub a child’s belly because they too had eaten chocolate for every meal. It will be a long, slow day. And seeing that it started at 5.46am, when an excited child screamed: “THE EASTER BUNNY LEFT AN EGG NEXT TO MY BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”, then waking the other two children, it will be meltdown city.

I adore Easter. The kids beam with excitement. We’re all together. And there is no better breakfast than chocolate. OK, except for crispy bacon, nothing beats crispy bacon, with hollandaise. Nothing beats that.

So, with thoughts of bacon and chocolate dancing in my head, I’ll leave you now to spend the day in anyway you please. All I hope is that you smile loads, laugh, relax and do something that you love.

Happy Sunday

bigwords x