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This week has been a sluggish one. A stupid lingering threat of migraine kept me out of action for a few days. I cut back on exercise and lay low. Many Panadols, sneaky naps and short blacks were consumed to keep the beast at bay. As I”ve grown older I”ve got better at recognising the signs and keeping the impact to a minimum, but the foggy head and over sensitive eyes remained. A tender head and need to rest was overwhelming. So I did.

Luckily the migraine hit after skating and this time one of my mates came along to give it a go. She was terrified, just like everyone who gets on skates for the first time in decades. But she did it and she was brilliant. It”s not every day you online slots get to overcome your own fears. That”s the part about skating which I like best – the pushing yourself through your own uncertainty.

This whole wobbly experience has been about uncertainty for me. I”ve been trying to deal with my food and exercise issues differently to my past. By doing so I”ve been learning new coping mechanisms, trying to push myself to change my habits and lifestyle. Yesterday I did just that – I made a different  choice. Took a different path.

I was sitting on the couch thinking about how the week had been a bit of a right off. I was feeling bloated and off track. I felt like the whole task at hand was too hard. I may have lost seven kilos, but I”m still obese. In fact, I have another 8 kilos to lose until I”m considered “overweight”, according to my BMI. The enormity of it is crushing. I was feeling pretty shitty about it all. Then I started to think about cake and pudding and chips. I was going to eat myself to happy. Forget about the task at hand. Fuck BMI.  But instead of getting out the recipe book and baking, I did something different. I exercised.


And I felt awesome.

Happy days,

bigwords x