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After a week or two of little progress, I am back on track again. This, my friends, is something I’m quite proud of because normally when I hit a slump I give up. Instead of throwing in the towel, I refocused. I cut out the treats and stepped up the exercise. I feel a lot better for it.

I’ve also started to notice a change in my daily routine. Things I was making myself do – not putting sugar in my tea, cutting back on salt, eating smaller portion sizes and walking more – have become normal. I’m replacing long-held bad habits with healthier ones. It’s not feeling like such a chore.

My palate is changing, I’m no longer enjoying fattier foods as much and when I eat them I have just a little bit. My body feels stronger, I’m walking faster and for longer. My head feels brighter, I’m drinking less and sleeping better. My heart is shinier, I’m not as grumpy and I feel better about myself. I’m enjoying regaining control over my body again and doing things which make me feel healthier.

Two things happened this week which prove my point that my lifestyle has undergone a transformation.

Firstly, I met two of my girlfriends on the weekend and instead of drinking a few bottles of wine we worked out in the park. We did an hour long circuit – a mix of cardio and strength building. At one point, I thought I was going to vomit. I said fuck a lot. And then when I drove home I beamed with pride.


Secondly, instead of sitting on the couch with Twiggy watching TV and having Friday night drinks, everyone popped on their sneakers and we went to our local sports oval. OK, I admit we ate chips and gravy and battered fish, but we also moved our bodies lots. We played frisbee, played basketball, climbed trees, ran to the top of the grand stand and we walked around the oval. I did exercises and a bit of running – this was mainly in the form of my five-year-old repeatedly throwing the frisbee and making me run for it. Park life.









Life is slowly changing for us all. We’re becoming a family that exercises together. Twiggy and I are leading by example and it feels amazing. New habits are forming. Bit-by-bit progress is being made again. My goal is still a long way off, but I’ll get there. I just know I will.

Have a fab week everyone.

bigwords x