wobbly 5 tip

Sure I’ve been pretty morose about my new healthy regime because you know what it’s hard and I have to put all my energy into not eating all of the things and talking myself into getting off my butt and exercising. Anyone who tells you that losing weight, battling food addiction and changing long term habits is easy is a fool. Either they’ve done it themselves and completely forgotten the hard bits or have never had to lose large amounts of weight before. Apologies to the people who have lost a lot of weight and constantly smiled through the experience and skipped off to exercise carrying tens of kilos on their hips, chest and bum without a care in the world – I was harsh to call you a fool, but there wouldn’t be many of you out there.

Getting healthier is not a weight loss ad. You don’t miraculously go from frumpy to fit and fabulous in 30 seconds. It’s a hard slog and I’m not going to sugar-coat it. I think there’s enough inspiring before-and-after stories out there to make you feel frustrated at the snail pace of noticeable change.

But that being said, I will tell you a few things that have made the past month worth it for me.

The Good Bits:

1) I am yet to fit into any smaller clothes, but my shirts aren’t so tight which is fabulous. I don’t have to squeeze my “already too big for me” pants on. ┬áThis makes it not so humiliating when I get dressed in the morning. And this is a good thing.

2) Let’s not beat around the bush. The sex is better. That’s all I’ll say about that subject.

3) Food tastes yummier since I’ve cut back on sugar, salt and fat. It’s like my taste buds have had a good hot scrub down.

4) With every kilo I lose and every walk I take I get better at roller skating. Last week I learned how to do the moonwalk on skates and I’m slowly getting better at crossovers and jump transitions. And last night I didn’t finish last in the skate race (this involves skating as fast as you can for two laps, then removing one skate, holding it in your arms and doing another two laps scooting on one skate. You then remove the other skate and run two laps while holding both your skates above your head). It is so brutal, but awesome all at once. Roller skating is my exercise of choice and I love the sense of accomplishment when I learn new skills.

5) I look forward to treats rather than just eating them all of the time. It makes life a little sweeter when you have more things to get excited about.

6) I am sleeping better. Since I’ve stopped drinking and eating late at night, I’ve had the best sleeps. The first couple of weeks I was going to bed by about 9.30pm and waking up at 7am. I felt flat and sluggish. Now a month in and it’s starting to change. It’s like I’ve caught up on the hours and hours of sleep I’d missed out on since having kids. I’ve even started waking up at about 5am. If only I could bring myself to actually get out of bed, I’d probably get a lot done. That will come next, I’m sure.

7) We’ve saved on food and booze costs. Our groceries are less meat, bakery and snack based and are instead loaded with fresh fruit and vegetables. We’ve been eating a lot more veggie meals and are being more creative with finding easy and tasty foods which are healthier for us.

8) I feel happier. My head is clearer and I can sense a move to more writing soon. I just have to get out of bed when I wake up at 5am.

9) My kids are proud of me. Twiggy’s proud of me and me of him (he’s also getting healthier). That means everything.

10) I’ve also made some great connections with you. Your emails and support have been awesome. I know some people think this whole Wobbly thing is boring and self absorbed, but you know what? It is helping me feel accountable to myself. It is helping me to keep going. You are helping me to keep going. If you’re not into reading my waffle on the matter, don’t read it. And for those who do read, thank you. Your words of encouragement are helping me so much. And some of you are even telling me that I’m helping to encourage you. That’s so cool. For those out there struggling to get healthier – keep going. The benefits far out weigh that piece of chocolate fudge cake or packet of chips you’re thinking about right now.

JFDI – Just Fucking Do It.

bigwords x