I’ve just completed two weeks of my new healthier regime. I say regime because at times it feels a little forced. Too much of a good thing can be somewhat boring.

Here’s the catch – last night Twiggy and I were treated to a night away in a hotel and a fancy dinner (I’ll write more about it this week). I’d been thinking about it all week. I’d been imagining that first glass of wine (yes, I’m doing FebFast, but I stockpiled a few booze-free nights in anticipation of a couple of pre-arranged social events). I’d thought a lot about sweet, fatty desserts and a lazy hash brown-filled breakfast buffet. The whole thought of a night of no rules had got me through each day.

And at the time – the wine, the gin, the beers at the pub, the chocolate mousse with orange ganache, the pork belly, the pancakes with maple syrup and the chocolates (oh, so many chocolates) were awesome. We had a fab time.

Today I feel like shit. I feel a bit sweaty. I’m nursing a teeny tiny hangover. I’m bloated and tired. I’m not sure over indulging was worth it. But on the positive side, I feel no desire to slip back into old habits, in fact I have even greater resolve to keep going.

Not to say I won’t “treat myself” again. I’ll just do it differently. I’ll just have one mightily expensive glass of bubbles, instead of six. I’ll save the empty calories and skip the hangover, for a delicious decadent dessert. I’ll choose the fish or vegetarian option, instead of massive slabs of meat. I can still have delicious things – just not all at once. What’s the point – when the next day I feel gross.

Wasted days, being wasted, are boring.

Today, I’ll take it easy. Get back on the healthy track and think of other ways to reward myself. Instead of spending money on booze and fat, I’ll save it and spend it on flights to visit mates interstate. Maybe a new bag? Or a this gorgeous blazer I have my eyes on? Or maybe roller skates?! So many options.

So while I nurse my sore head, I’m off to make an iced banana smoothie.

How do you reward yourself when a big night out just doesn’t cut it anymore? What do eat or drink for a healthy treat? I’d love to share some ideas on my blog this week so please send me some cool food/drink recipes (no Kale chips though please). I need them. I crave variety, but am running out of ideas. I need your help.

bigwords xx