It’s 4.30pm and the kids are starting to turn crazy! The one-and-a-half year old is on the prowl. She’s pulling everything out of the cupboards, climbing into the television cabinet and up onto the dining room table. She has that slightly nutty look on her face and I’m scared. Meanwhile, the three year old is following her sister around the house and copying everything she does with extra enthusiasm. It’s like a tornado has hit. The house looks like a disaster zone. And don’t even get me started on the tantrums and food throwing. I am sure they are ganging up on me. It’s two against one; I have definitely lost control of situation. I know what will get me through the crazy hours before the little monsters are safely tucked up in bed. An ice-cold glass of sauvignon blanc. WINE TIME!
But this is where it gets cruel. I am pregnant. No wine for me. Help me, what do I do? A big glass of chocolate milk doesn’t really do the trick; neither does a sneaky packet of chips. I have taken to silently sneaking off into my room in the hope the kids don’t find me. They always do. Don’t get me wrong I love my children. I spend most of waking hours with them. They make me laugh more than I have laughed in my life, but when they get that twinkle in their eyes there’s nothing stopping them and the more pregnant I get the slower I am, giving them even more of an advantage. How can such tiny human beings be so naughty and strategic? How am I meant to stay calm without that much needed glass (or two) of wine? Anyone got any good ideas to help get me through the crazy hours?