I am going to tell you a tale about a lion. A lion loved by a whole class of reception kids in Adelaide. LuLu is her name. She is the grubbiest lion in the universe – covered in snot, food, urine and other things little kids have on their inquisitive fingers.

You see LuLu was the class lion. She was a stuffed lion, not a real one of course, and she went home every night with the Star of the Day. Being Star of the Day is a big honour for the kids. They get their name written on the white board, they get to sit on a special chair and they get to take LuLu home for an adventure.

And that’s what LuLu did on the weekend. She went on an adventure with a little girl from Miss 5’s class. She went all the way to the Barossa Valley and visited a lovely winery. But like any good day in a winery, LuLu found herself on the toilet floor or under a table or something like that.

Anyway, LuLu was accidentally left behind and caused much distress for the Mum of the little girl who  rang the winery and arranged to make the long drive back to the Barossa to pick her up on her first available day off.  Whatever happened next doesn’t really matter, all that’s important is when the Mum called to confirm the lion was waiting for her, LuLu was gone.

This is Luca. Luca is the new class lion. I’m told Luca was very hard to find, as surprisingly there are not many stuffed lions these days. Luca is a lot cleaner than LuLu. Luca is lovely, but she’s not LuLu.

So, to the people who have LuLu, if by some twist of fate you are reading this blog post, I have a message for you and it’s this – PLEASE SEE IT IN YOUR KIND HEART TO GIVE LULU BACK. There is a whole class of kids who miss her very much. There is one in particular, in my house, who misses LuLu very much. She was Star of the Day today and it just wasn’t the same without that grimy lion.

Do you know where LuLu is?

bigwords x