I watch you when you sleep. When you lay there still. Your arms stretched out above your head. Your chest barely moving. Quietly dreaming. I look at you. I look at all three of you. I stand still and breathe you all in.

My heart fills with the enormity of it all. Ageing does that to me.

I birthed you, yet I will not be there to guide you safely through life to the end. I can not bare to think of us apart. How unfair is that? How can I be jealous of time? It cuts me.

While we walk together, know you have me in the palm of your hand.

And when the time comes that I am not there, please know I would do anything to be. There is no greater love than what I have for you. For you, my girls.

When I watch you sleeping, I imagine every step. I imagine every step I am there and every step I am not. I dream such big worlds for you all. It makes my heart fill with pure joy. My soul shines like a beacon showing you the way.

When I watch you sleeping, my loves, I fill with happiness. You are my heart. You will move mountains. And while I walk this Earth, I will kick them down for you.

You, my girls, are the sun.

Your Mum x