Weight loss is a funny thing. There’s a lot of focus on the number on the scales. It’s been five days for me and the numbers have stubbornly stayed exactly the same. This is normally something that plays with my mind. I like to see numerical results – immediately. You see, it takes such a long time to achieve the physical results, that I use the numbers on the scales to spur me on.

This time though it seems I’ve turned a corner. I’ve hardly jumped on the scales at all. In the before, I would stand on the scales morning, afternoon and night hoping for some sort of divine intervention. I’d hope for a weight loss miracle – “Hooray, you’ve lost 5 kilos today – it’s a miracle!”. I’d will the numbers to be decreasing every single time I checked my weight as if to justify my continued lack of booze and sugary tweets. It never works that way.

This time I am listening to my body more. I feel better. I’ve slept better. I have a clearer mind. It’s not so foggy. I’ve been walking everyday and limiting my caffeine intake. I’ve drastically cut down my sugar, salt and fat intake. And I am liking how it’s making me feel. Not to say I wouldn’t do school drop off naked for a schnitzel with pepper sauce, piece of chocolate self saucing pudding and a pint of Pale Ale, but today I’d rather stick to my healthier diet. And that’s what it’s all about – taking it one day at a time.

Today I feel good. Today I feel lighter, even though the scales don’t say I am. Today I feel skinnier, even though my jeans still pull tight around my flabby tummy. Today I am going to draw on how I feel, not what the scales say, to spur me on.

Today is a good day.

Are you tied to your scales?

bigwords xx