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I’ve long gone given up trying to be the best parent I can be – instead I’ve resigned myself to simply doing the best I can. These two statements may sound the same, but the second has an inbuilt failure clause built-in. I’m a big believer in taking the pressure off.

When my three kids gang-up on me (don’t scoff) and I’m felling a little precious, which let’s face it is most days because of sleep deprivation, I sometimes have to switch to survival mode. Sometimes parenting feels like a battle – you win some, you lose some. I’ve discovered a few fail safe ways to trick them into complacency while I snatch back a few moments to myself to regroup – to recharge for incoming attacks from all fronts. When you have multiple children, they can come at you from all angles – they bombard you all at once or drip feed the torture throughout the day. You never know what to expect.

So here’s five things that work in my house when I feel like a wounded animal –

1) mumtruth-73

2) mumtruth-82

3) mumtruth-78

4) mumtruth-805) mumtruth-77

These are just some of the Mum Truths I know. Trust me, I could go and on. Mother guilt has a way of grabbing your heart, when you least expect it, and tackling you to the ground. The quicker you learn to accept it, the better off you’ll be. Do not fight it, just find ways to acknowledge your defeats and your successes, because believe me you’ll feel guilt with both. Being a parent is hard work, but it’s also the best job you’ll ever have. And never lose sight of the most important Mum Truth – it is always “Wine Time” somewhere in the world.

I reckon it’s great to share with others what tactics you use to get through the tricky days. You could head over to Kidspot and check out what others have to say and you could even win stuff just by creating your own meme. Kidspot is hosting a competition for the best Mum Truth, for more information check out this link – http://mumtruths.kidspot.com.au/prizes/

What would you add to list?

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