There were so many highlights to yesterday. I woke up to a new day. That is truly a blessing. There was no rain, that is a miracle. And I’d had a good night’s sleep, that NEVER HAPPENS.

I then I found this fabulous piece of writing in my eldest child’s diary.

She has been at school for one term – watching her learn to read and write is freaking amazing.

My middle child used the word constellations in a sentence to which my husband remarked: “Who said the Dora App wasn’t a valuable learning tool.”

And our youngest girl only took her clothes off five times which was remarkable.

But then the lowlight of the day happened.

I sent a text message to my Mum about babysitting. Nothing unusual about that. What it was meant to say was: “Lock in Mon(day)”. What it actually said was:


To say I was MORTIFIED is an understatement.

What’s your most embarrassing moment?

bigwords xx