Now I’ve got your attention. I’ve not much to say today as I’ve just emerged from days of gastro hell. First, Miss 5 fell to it, which kicked off many all-nighters surrounded by buckets and towels. A day later Miss 2 succumbed. Within hours, Miss 4 was also a victim. So, we settled in for another all-nighter, this time managing dual vomits. We were given one day’s reprieve and then it happened – my husband got it, which immediately triggered me. I was the lucky one of all. You see, I’d been a feverish mess the whole time and had struggled through the days prior, gastro was just an added bonus. Nothing like hurling with a sore throat. Oh, and I had my period, just to make it even more joyful. And to top it all off, today I woke up with a cold sore. Grossest few days ever.

But I did manage to write about how my “pussy is not the prettiest in the cat show” over at The Hoopla. 

How was your weekend?

bigwords x