Women of the World

Happy International Women’s Day to all the amazing, hard working, dedicated, selfless, sexy, smart, creative, sporty, business-savvy, genius, kind, funny, gutsy, skinny, fat, in-between, excellent cooks, excellent fish...

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A Little Language Warning

See this adorable little kid. She has a potty mouth. I discovered this recently when she almost got me into trouble. You’d think I’d learn not to swear at home with three kids, but alas it will never happen. My...

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This photo of my girls taking steps into the ocean on a hot summer’s night is one of my favourites. It symbolises their journey together; their steps toward their future. The light rays shine down on them. They are...

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Women Of Letters – Dear Cock

This Sunday I’m off to The Women of Letters at the Adelaide Fringe. I wasn’t invited to be on the panel, because well… I’m no Wendy Harmer (winks). I love the whole idea of it, so thought I’d write...

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The Kid Who Will Not Speak

See this kid here. She is refusing to speak at kindy. This is the second term she’s stayed silent. The speech therapist tells me she made a rule to herself to deal with her anxiety. Now, she’s not anxious anymore she...

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The First Words

I started blogging a couple of years with the intent to break out of my newspaper-trained writing style. I wanted to get braver about what I wrote about, but also experiment with different styles. I suppose you could say I knew...

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I Freaking LOVE Valentine’s Day

It is Valentine’s Day. And I freaking love it. I loved it even before my first child came into the world on Valentine’s Day six years ago. We were so lucky to get the most amazing gift ever. Now, I love...

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The Things I Do

These are some of the things I do which make me me. It’s a short list, but I could go on all day. * I eat all the chocolate off the outside of a Mars Bar and then the nougat, leaving me with a gooey caramel mess. I also...

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Butt Out

I feel ashamed. I sat and listened to Chrissie Swan’s tearful apology on radio. I sat and cried along with her while she said statements like: “deeply shameful secret”, “secrets which are the most...

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The Empty Cinema

Today one of the most amazing things ever happened to me. I went to the movies by myself. Nothing too amazing about that, I do that a lot. But today there was no-one else in the cinema, just me. I could’ve sat in any...

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