After yesterday’s post about problem gambling, I thought I’d lighten the mood today. In fact, I thought I’d reveal something a little embarrassing about myself, because why not?! If you can’t laugh at yourself then who can you laugh at?

Here’s the thing, my kids have given my body parts names. The youngest has named by hands “Bubba”. Yesterday she gave birth to one of them and then proceeded to breast feed it – on both sides. Seriously weird.

And speaking of strange, this is where I disclose that my kids have given each of my boobs a name. As my kids have kindly informed me my largest breast is called “Jelly” and my smallest one (yes, I have lopsided boobs) is called “Cake”.


The kids are so impressed with their name choices and are also very aware that it embarrasses me that they have started greeting my boobs when I go to school pick-up. “Jelly and cake”, they yell out gleefully. No matter how hard I wish for it, the ground has not swallowed me up.

They’ve renamed Twiggy “Bald Tony Chippy” so at least I’m not the only one in the family desperately pretending I do not know my own children.

Have your children given your body parts different names or chosen a new nickname for you?

Bianca x