Video camera viewfinder

I recently filmed a segment for Adelaide’s Today Tonight. It went to air tonight and I was cringing. I mean who do I think I am doing a television segment? It’s pretty obvious I don’t have the face for tv, nor the acting ability to deliver the lines asked of me. I did enjoy the parts I could talk freely, giving opinions on quirky news items because, as you all know, I like to talk.

When I watched myself on TV I spent much of my time cowering behind my couch with my hand over my face squealing WHY?

Embarrassment aside, it was such a fun experience and I’d love to do it again. The journo who was guiding me through the experience knows the industry backwards. I was lucky to have him giving me direction. He’d written some things for me to say, links to stories, silly one-liners and he offered some fabulous tips to get me through. The sound guy and camera man were both kind and hilarious. The woman who normally does the segment used to read the national and state news for Channel 10. They had definitely scrapped the bottle of the barrel with me.


But it was the moment the journo got a Cherry Ripe and asked me to “suck the end of it until it got wet” so he could smear the chocolate across my face, that things got a little weird. I could see the camera guy zooming in, the sound guy smirking and I was immediately onto to them. “If this makes it onto the funny reels (an industry night where out-takes are shown) I will sue the lot of you,” I threatened them, while laughing. I was then asked to eat the Cherry Ripe, with a sneaky look on my chocolate covered face, and say something along the Β lines of: “I can’t believe there are so many people addicted to chocolate?”.

I may have to move to another state.

Life is about taking chances, trying something new and laughing at yourself. It’s about pushing the negative reactions from your mind because as I learned recently there are a lot of bored people out there who are just plain nasty. Never say no to opportunities because of fear. Embrace the nerves and remember to always make camera guys sign a written contract that they will “lose that chocolate footage”.

Have your tried something new lately?

bigwords x

PS: I know TV puts 10 pounds on you, but far out I need to lose weight.