Another mass shooting, a king hit kills a young man, lightening kills another, car crashes, diving for the last time, massacres in Syria, people’s loved ones not living to see another sunrise – there is so much death everywhere I look. Every person gone is a great loss to humanity. Every person left to grieve is forever changed.

Today, I hug my girls tight. I kiss my husband more. I think of those long gone and of those I’ve never met, who I will never pass in the street. I’ll think of those whose lives have been so cruelly cut short. The people who had plans for today, but will never meet them. People who had their lives mapped out, who now lie motionless.

I am sarcastic. I am at times brash, at times filthy. I hide away when things get too much. I worry. I make lists of lists, not keen on deviating from the expected. Death is not expected, although unavoidable. Today, I will reflect on life. I will smile brighter. I will stop and smell the lavender bushes. I will savour every morsel of the day. I will watch the sun set and feel the breeze on my skin. Tomorrow, I plan on doing the same. Everyday is precious. Why does it take death to remind you to live?

There are so many people today with their hearts shattered, their eyes shielded from the sun, weighed down in the depths of darkness, their lives forever longing for those they miss. People who would do anything for one last embrace.

Today I will laugh more.

What will you do today?

bigwords x