Our day started with a trip to the hospital for Miss 5 who we thought was having another asthma attack. It then continued with the toddler being a toddler. At one stage while she was writhing around the floor in the back seat of the car I asked if perhaps she’d like to go and live with another family. Then, I spent a good 10 minutes trying to prise my arm away from a sobbing Miss 4 at the kindy drop-off. 
A croissant inhaled. A coffee inhaled and another visit to the doctor to get more meds for Miss 5 and the morning was complete.

Yesterday, I asked for ideas for blog posts because I’d run out of things to say. Today, I had too many thoughts.

For the man who suggested I write about ‘The Role of Hallucinogenics in Contemporary Mothering’, you have no idea how often I think that I am on the biggest acid trip. That my life is just one crazy series of LSD adventures, but without the soul emptying come downs. Being a parent is a trip.

Every parent at some stage looks around them and wonders how they got to be the guardians of little human beings and what makes them qualified for the responsibility. There’s a lot of boring, a lot of masquerading, a lot of the unknown, a lot of joy, a lot of belly laughs and much heart-filling love. 

Everyday I am not sure what to expect. Life twists and turns. Tomorrow, I am hoping to wake up a little later than today with three healthy, happy kids. 

What did your morning look like today?

bigwords x